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What We Offer

1. Aurelka®:
Corrective and preventive footwear – recommended not only for children with detected flat feet but also for healthy children, as the best form of prevention, effectively protecting against deformities.

2. AurelkaORTO®:
Custom-made footwear made as an individual order – Aurelka® orthopedic team will provide proper corrections based on pictures and movies sent by you.

Please see the guidance on how to take pictures and a movie here

3. Orthopedic insoles for children:
Perfectly stabilizing the foot in the right position and correcting any defects, so they work even during long-term use.
Importantly, they are made of genuine leather and high-quality foam.
The combination of these two materials ensures proper air flow. Insoles made only of synthetic materials do not have this function.

The entire collection has been designed in accordance with the guidelines and in cooperation with Polish and other European orthopedic doctors and physiotherapists.

Please contact us at and we will work with you to clarify your needs and then provide you with a quote for a shoe or insoles that will help out.


Ortho–Shoe® has been established by the two moms of kids having problems with correct walking – Julie and Magda. They recognized the inaccessibility and unaffordability of preventive and specialist orthopedic footwear for children in the USA because they had been unable to find fancy-looking and well manufactured corrective shoes for their children. Having European ancestry, they know very well that preventive action but not after-the-fact treatment is the highest priority for parents. This is why the prevention of foot abnormalities became the mission of Ortho-Shoe®. The demand for the products offered grew very quickly and Ortho-Shoe® became the official importer and exclusive distributor of Aurelka® preventive and orthopedic footwear for the USA.

Ortho-Shoe® has carefully selected Aurelka® footwear because Aurelka® is an award-winning Polish manufacturer of orthopedic footwear for people of all ages and has been specializing in the production for 15 years. Their shoes are sold in many European countries as well as in Australia and New Zealand.

Now is the high time for the USA!



Here you can see how popular Aurelka® is.

Aurelka® & Aurelka-Ortho®

The footwear consist of 2 lines of shoes and insoles:

1. Aurelka®
Aurelka® all-leather shoes are functional, light, flexible, and comfortable. Ideal for walks, wearing outdoors but also as slippers at home or at school because kids wear them willingly thankfully to a fancy design. It means that an orthopedic shoe does not need to look ugly and old-fashioned anymore.
The Aurelka® range of footwear provides support for feet of all types and sizes. Aurelka® footwear protects the unformed child’s feet and supports rehabilitation treatment. Not only it is recommended for the treatment of flat feet but also for other irregularities including walking on tiptoe.

2. AurelkaORTO®
Aurelka ORTO® is the professional-grade line which is a specialist medical one, developed for children because Aurelka® treats children’s health as a priority. It is the footwear that caters to individual needs and complex conditions. These shoes also support the rehabilitation of foot deformities.

Our customers can choose shoes covering over a dozen corrections because AurelkaORTO® is custom-made footwear.
Based on the individual needs of the foot and the doctor’s request, corrections are incorporated into the shoes.

3. Orthopedic Insoles
Offered orthopedic insoles for children perfectly stabilize the heel, so they work even during long-term use. Well-fitting orthopedic insoles for children bring relief to your child’s feet and provide him with stability perceptible during each step. Orthopedic insoles included in our range of insoles are characterized by high flexibility. This allows perfect cooperation of the foot with the insole while walking. Natural leather and foam used in the production of the insoles are high-quality materials that ensure adequate air flow. The proposed orthopedic insoles for children are a perfect solution for parents who want to develop their children properly.

Please contact us at and we will work with you to clarify your needs and then provide you with a quote for a shoe or insoles that will help out.

Available corrections

One of the biggest advantages of the AurelkaORTO® footwear is that the orthopedic qualities of the shoes are introduced through only minor modifications to the sole or the insole, the upper of the shoe remaining unaltered.

The material used in the manufacturing of our outsoles is the Italian-made Vibram® rubber, allowing for the production of simple treads of exceptional plasticity. Its structure serves as a support for the corrective elements, which align the foot in the right position.

Foot Measurement Guide for Aurelka® Footwear

Selecting Standard Aurelka® Protective Shoes:

In order to take measurement of the foot, follow the instruction below:

1. Standing on a piece of paper, draw the contour of foot circumference.

In order to take the contour of the foot correctly, you should hold the pencil vertically – at the right angle to the paper.

2. Take the measurement (either in inches or in centimeters) of the distance between the extreme points in the drawing (a & b).

3. Select the correct shoe size for each foot as per the charts.

Selecting Personal Corrections for AurelkaORTO® Footwear and Insoles:

1. Make measurements according to the procedure described in the A.

2. Make pictures and a movie as per the following guidance.

Guidance for Taking Photos and Make a Movie for Custom Made Shoes

Custom-made shoes require the proper diagnosing of a problem.  We provide a complimentary diagnosing service for our customers. In order to make it, we need to get the right materials from you:
– pictures
– movie
that will show the nature of possible deformities to be corrected.

1. Taking Pictures
Pictures should be taken from a distance of 3 feet in good light. They should show a close-up of the feet themselves from the front and back, photos should also show the knees and hips (front, side, and back).

2. Making a Movie
A movie should be made when keeping a camera at the height of the child’s pelvis (for an adult filming it is a kneeling or squatting position) from the side of the incident light. It is best if the child walks independently on panels, tiles, or hard carpeting. The knees and hips must be visible. We observe (while making the movie) the barefoot walk and in shoes in which the child walks best. The length of the video should be between 20 and 30 seconds.

Please see the attached sample pictures and the movie.

Close-Up View of Feet (Front)

Close-Up View of Feet (Back)

View of Hips and Knees (Right Side)

View of Hips and Knees (Left Side)

View of Hips and Knees (Back)

View of Hips and Knees (Front)


Selecting Custom Made Orthopedic Footwear

Custom-made footwear is always manufactured on the basis of individual foot parameters.
That is why, apart from the indication of the desired correction to be performed in the shoe, the order should include the following data:

    • Foot/orthosis contour:

    • Joint circumference (A)

    • Instep circumference (B)

    • Heel circumference (C)

    • Ankle circumference (D)


Foot Contour Measurement:

  • Foot/orthosis length (E)

  • Joint width (F)

  •  Heel width (G) 

In individual cases, taking additional measurements is recommended; these may include:

  • Toe circumference:

  • Toe height (H)

  • Height of the great toe joint (I)

  • Height of the arch of the foot (J)

Measurements for Aurelka® Shoe-Orthosis

In the case of ordering Aurelka® Shoe-Orthosis additional measurements are required:

Height of the upper (K)

Calf circumference at the top of the upper (L)

Calf circumference at the widest point (M)

Height of the widest point of the calf (N)

Height of the rigid part (heel counter) (O)

When taking the measurement, you should remember the following important aspects:

  • Another person’s assistance during the measurement may prove useful.

  • The measurements should be taken in the erect position, while in the case of people who cannot walk – in a seated position with a right angle under the knee.

  • Each foot should be measured separately.

  • In the case of footwear for already obtained insoles, the measurement should be taken with the insole placed under the foot.

  • In the case of footwear for orthoses, the measurement should be taken while wearing the orthosis.

  • Taking the measurement of foot circumference in orthoses, one should include straps, closures, hinges adding to the footwear’s size.

  • The measurements should be provided in absolute terms, i.e. they should not be approximated, nor increased at one’s discretion — in the shoe design process, all the necessary approximations will be included.

  • Frontal and lateral photographs of the feet should be taken and attached to the order.

Footwear for Orthoses

1031 Model with an open heel and BOA® closure system help the disabled to use the footwear in the simplest and safest way in their everyday life. The system facilities single-hand operation and ensures even tension across the upper along the entire foot, thus providing perfect-fit footwear.

These shoes were designed specifically for children required to wear orthoses in order to enable them to put on and take off their footwear smoothly.